International Exhibition of Paint, Resin, Coating, Composites & Plating Industries "IPCC"

Monday, December 9, 2019 - Thursday, December 12, 2019


Exhibition Title: The 19th International Exhibition of Paint, Resin, Coating, Composites and Plating Industries
Industry Sector: Paint, Resin, Coatings, Composites, Plating Industries
Date: 09 - 12 December 2019
Organizers: Banian Omid Co.,4S Global Sdn. Bhd., Iran International Exhibition Co
Venue: Tehran Permanent Fair ground, Chamran Highway, Teharn, Iran
Previous event covered area: 38,000
Next event expecting area: 40,000
Frequency: Annual


The International Paint, Resin, Coatings, Composites & Plating Industries fair “IPCC” with 471 exhibitors from 25 countries in NET covered area of 10,365 square meter is by far the biggest coating exhibition in the Middle East click here

IPCC as the leading coating exhibition in the region has been fruitfully held by Banian Omid Co. for the past 15 years (annually). IPCC has always benefited from cooperation with private and governmental organizations, associations and NGOs as well as local and foreign organizations.

Taking IPCC’s statistics into account, it has shown a very steady and gradual rise in its first 12 editions. However in 2013 those numbers have escalated dramatically, not only the number of local exhibitors has almost doubled, but it has also recorded 237% increase in number of foreign participants. The 15th edition which was held in December 2015 has also recorded considerable 114% rise in foreign participation, number of visitors with 27% has reached to 33,768.

Last edition’s survey from exhibitors revealed that IPCC has effectively managed to gather all business people in this market from all around the world through its past 15 editions and it will continue this way in order to further introduction of new discoveries and technologies to the Middle East market, In other words it has also shown magnificent entering approach to those who tend to enter this market.

1,648,000sqm area, population around 80,000,000, extraordinary geopolitics situation and its rich resources contribute Iran to become one of the most suitable markets in Coating industries


Group of Industry:

  • Coatings
  • Paint
  • Resin
  • Raw & Chemical Materials
  • Producers of all Kinds of Paints & Coatings:(Building ,Industrial, Automotive, Marin & Decorative Coatings, Industrial Flooring ,Pipeline Coatings.)
  • Paint and coating machinery
  • Paint Packing Industry, Paint Packing Machinery, Paint Filling Machinery and Chemical Packing Equipment
  • Cellulose Coatings
  • Nano Coatings
  • Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment
  • Multi-Color Coatings
  • Solvents
  • Pigments
  • Additives
  • Kenitex
  • Laboratory Equipment for Paint and Coatings
  • Paint and Coating Inspection
  • Polymers
  • Polymer Dispersions
  • Composites
  • Composites Manufacturers
  • Composite Parts Manufacturers
  • Electroplating industry
  • All Kinds of Glue
  • Health & Safety Equipment & Recycling Technologies
  • Engineering & Technical Consulting, Painting Contractors
  • Associations & Research Centers
  • Technical Magazines & Media
  • Corrosion
  • Galvanize
  • Heat Treatment
  • Surface Engineering


Lateral Events and Conferences:

  • There would be many lateral events such as conferences, seminars and workshops to introduce and promote latest achievements and provide a proper context for their appraisal.

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Most Common Questions Asked:

1.      Which halls are supposed to be covered by IPCC 2019?

Answer: IPCC 2019 is going to be held in the most popular halls in Tehran Permanent Fairground like Persian Gulf (hall 44) and Milad (Hall31) total indoor covered area is around 15,000sqm NET and almost 7,000sqm Net of outdoor area.

Halls are 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,25 Series,27 Read More

2.      When IPCC 2019 is going to be held?

Answer: IPCC 2019 is an annual event and its going to be held on 08 to 11 December 2019. Read More

3.      Is there any other international Coating related exhibition in Iran? 

Answer: No, IPCC or Iran Coating show is the main and the leading Coating related exhibition in Iran

4.      What are the costs?

Answer: Participation fee would differ according to required facilities, for instance Special Shell Scheme (Type1) including services like Insurance, Book advertisements and etc. which is the most popular type is 275Euro per square meter.

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