Bakery Exhibition 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013 - Thursday, December 12, 2013


The 6th International Bakery Exhibition (ibex2013) will took place in Tehran Int'l Permanent Fairground (in an area of about 18000 Square Meters) on 9th to 11th of Sep. 2013 in order to improve the culture of consuming industrial bread and present a platform for investing in bakery industry.
ibex 2013 was a unique event which attracts:
- Flour Producing Companies
- Manufacturers of Bread Industry Machineries and Equipment
- Oven Accessories Producers
- Bakery, Pastry-Making and Packaging Machineries
- Enzymes & Yeast
- Devices and Material Producers
- Laboratory and Measuring Equipments
- IT Hardware, Software & Services
- Related Industries 
The first bread industry exhibition, ibex2007, was the start of using industrial bread in Iran and the 2nd bakery exhibition, ibex2008, was so prosperous by having domestic and overseas companies participation.We had also Flour Producing Companies, Manufacturers of Bread Industry Machineries & Equipments, Pastry-Making and Packaging Machineries, Enzymes & Yeast Providers, Device and Material Producers, Laboratory and Measuring Equipment and advisors in ibex2009 and ibex2010 who introduced their technologies in it.