4S Global

It’s more than a decade that 4S Global Company is engaged in organizing international exhibitions throughout the world. Planning, organizing and demonstrating technologies. More than 25-years experience in international industry has enabled us to fulfill customer demands and expectations.

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Company Mission:

The main mission is to become one of the world’s leader in exhibition industry. In order to achieve such goal the necessary requirement is not only organizing successful exhibitions but also the ability to be more innovative in creation and implementation of modern knowledge and discoveries.

Company Vision:

Company vision is to advance its performance by acquiring access to the global know-how and hiring expert human resources, in order to facilitate exhibitions with superior management. 4S Global introduces the most successful industrial events to its customers, which would lead to more beneficial participation.

In order to classify an event as a successful Trade Show especially an International Exhibition there are some categories which should be taken into consideration, as well as customer satisfaction in previous years, market scale, competitors and many more. Therefore, we investigate the market before we promote them, to guaranty the best exhibition participation.

read global registration events bangsar calender sdn bhd

Company Background:

4S Global Co. is a branch of Banian Omid Co. which was established in 2001 by a professional group who enjoyed widespread experience in the exhibition industry.
Their activities in this field date back to 1985 they have been engaged in variety tasks in exhibition industry. For instance, management of the “Milad Exhibition Planning and Management Centre” (located in Tehran Permanent Fairground) at which, in just two years, they organized and managed 22 international exhibition.
The establishment of Banian Omid Company was an important step towards offering more professional services to our customers with an independent policy and forming a network of experienced teams from those professionals who intend to practice a different creative presence in the industry and upgrade the standards

Banian Omid Company Profile

Field of activities:

  • Managing exhibition sites and centres
  • Organizing exhibitions
  • Exhibition space design and decoration
  • Production of modular exhibition system
  • Offering fair services

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Headquarter Message:

One of the significantly important achievments of this group of company is, the high satisfaction rank which they have been given by their customers, growth in the number of concurrent exhibitions, long lasting cooperation with our contractors and customers are considered as signs of our success in the industry and our willpower for more improvement. Our recently established subsidiary company in Malaysia 4S GLOBAL Sdn. Bhd. facilitates our communication with overseas companies especially in the Far East and gives us a chance to utilize our potential for playing an active role in the exhibition industry in the region.

Some of Our Clients:

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